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Andrés Osorio Toledo uses: PRS Guitars - LANEY Amps - DIGITECH Effects - EMG Pickups - TENSION Picks

Andrés Osorio Toledo - I started playing at the age of nine and I studied at the Academia Latinoamericana de Guitarra where I took classical music training for four years b
ased on Walter Piston and Juaquin Zamocois.

When I was 13 I took personal lessons for five years with the best
colombian guitarist at that time (Juan Carlos Ramirez- Knuto).

These lessons were focused on 80s virtuosity and technique development. At 18 I took lessons on oboe at the Sinfonica Juvenil de Colombia.
When I left I formed a Heavy Metal band called Sanleslot for three years. This project recorded a single called Depression.

I attended several guitar clinics given by Richie Kotzen, Jennifer Batten and Celentano among others. I studied harmony and jazz improvisation, and taught jazz harmony and special rock guitar techniques at the Universidad Unilatina for two years.

During this period I created the Symmetry for Scales and Chords that doesn't belong to a progression, Chromatism between modal systems and regional scales , Alternate Picking Mode, Exotic Lineal Chords, Stretching Legato. All of this material will be out in a book later 2009.

In 2001 I signed with Washburn Guitars and produced a progressive rock cd called "The Burning Glass Project" where I recorded all guitars, bass, sitar and percussion/computer programming.

Two year later I started working with Digitech Effects and in
December 2007 I got a sponsorship of Gibson Guitars by promoting the Robot Guitar. A few months after that I signed with EMG Pickups.

Nowadays I work as a clinician for all of them by promoting their products. My fist album is called "The Burning Glass Project" (1999), which is all based on the old progressive rock. Later on came my second album, named "My World" (2005).

The Progressive Experimental Rock CD is a musical journey tracing from my earliest influences to my latest work. The cd includes a remastered bonus track from my first work. In 2006 I released my third album, "Dual Sound", which I coproduced with Manuel
Gutierrez. Here I recorded all guitars, piano and drums.

Now I'm working with my band, Andres Osorio's Band, on my next project, "Derangement". This album intends to move the listener and to drive him into an emotional journey through all kinds of feelings, from the strongest sensation of oppression to the deepest.

In January of 2011 i got a sponsorships of PRS Guitars and Laney Amps.

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